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Vidya Rattan Scholarship for Wards of Covid-19 Warriors

In this hour of global crisis of Covid-19, VIDYA RATTAN GROUP OF COLLEGES is recognizing its social responsibility by launching #VRGC #Scholarship #Policy For #COVID-19 #WARRIORS for the students of 2020 #batch. Under this policy the total scholarship of ₹50 lakhs is offered in terms of Scholarship to the wards of Corona warriors like #Doctor, #nurse, #policemen, #para-medical staff, #Sanitation workers, and #media personnel’s and benefit of this policy is extended to all students as all the people are directly or indirectly affected by the #lockdown #Beneficiaries 👉 Policy for wards of Corona Warriors 👮‍♂️ 👉 Policy for wards of persons who lost their lives due to Corona 👉 Policy for lockdown relief 🔒 👉 Policy for wards of Media Persons (Print & Electronic) 📰 👉 Policy for Wards of Sanitation Workers of Municipal Commitee or Housekeeping staff of Hospital 🏥 Note : Policy is valid during Lockdown Period Policy information is given in above graphic image Feel free to contact us : 📞9041437911 📞9356767004